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Foundation Stg And Ks1 Manager Post


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Hi all


im new to this site but was really looking for some advice.

Ive been working at my current primary school for 6 years and am currently SENco and KS1 manager.

The Head has had no choice but to restructure the SMT resulting in one post being created - a Foundation/KS1 manager.


I soooo want to go for it, it will be internal applicants only.

HOWEVER, i have no Foundation stage experience.......The current Foundation manager could also be applying for the position.


Any advice on what i should do before the interview in 4 weeks?


Many thanks


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Hi and welcome.

Read "the Foundation stage Teacher in action " by Margaret Edginton. (See Book reviews on here). Make your self involved here and familiarise yourself with EYFS and profiles.

Good luck.


Thanks Susan xx


Im finding reading on the forums here very thought provoking........ and ive ordered the book you recommended

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Welcome to the Forum, Jo - I'm glad you're finding it useful already!


There is a lot of information on the CD-Rom which comes with the EYFS pack too - well worth some time spent in footling around on it and getting to grips with the principles and the ethos behind the EYFS and the research that underpins it.


Good luck with your application - don't count yourself out just because another applicant has more/different experience than you. Go for it with confidence and see what happens. Oh, and don't forget to let us know how things go will you?



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