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i wondered if anyone had any ideas of stories, songs or rhymes to link with valentines/love theme

I've got 'guess how much i love you' but having a blank on others

many thanks

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I put my hands together, this is how I start;

I curve my fingers right around and I can make a Heart!

Lovely idea for a photo card for parents - one photo of each child doing the actions!




(would this evidence that a child is able to "Demonstrate the control necessary to hold a shape or fixed position"?) :o

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Doing a full afternoon in reception on Valentines so will be interested in any 'new' ideas, so far I have


Play Lucy Locket game only use a section from the poem A-tisket, A-tisket. Child walks around outside of circle with an envelope and whilst song is being sung drops behind a child.When the song is finished chases after the child who dropped it back to their place


I sent a letter to my love

And on the way I dropped it

I dropped it, I dropped it

Yes, On the way I dropped it

A little girlie/boy picked it up

And put it in her/his pocket


Mixing dry power paints to make pink

Pink play dough and heart shapes cutters and doleys on paper plates

Heart shape dot to dot

Folds of card with a range of pink, red and white collage materials with laminated 'I love you' cards for making own cards

Pictures made from hearts and I love you tracing cards

Pink cornflour in the tuff spot

A love tree-a branch of tree in a pot with heart shapes. Children to write name of someone they love and hang on tree

Make a valentine card and place in blank envelope. When every child has made one I shall randomly put names on them and pop them in their book bags Inside it will say "I love all my friends, this is true.But for my valentine I choose you love from"


Snack ideas

Heart shape cut out of toast

Heart shape jam sandwiches

Strawberry milkshake

Small heart of cheese slice on cracker


I shall read this on our IAW


With Lots of Love Hans Wilhelm


and in book form


Pander and Gander-The Secret Friend by Joye Dumbar

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Many thanks everyone

I found the sickly site too and had pretty much overlooked everything but I used that little rhyme - and happymaz's great idea - I took photo's of the children attempting to make the heart shape (actually a real challenge for my 3's and under!?!) and stuck them onto little red hearts. The children then chose -someone they loved to write inside and we hung them on the love tree (thanks biccy) - another lovely idea - lots of thanks

I also found a book by joyce dunbar called the loveme bird which is great :o

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