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Hi.i'm doing E123 and E124 at the same time at the moment and am really struggling getting to tutorials.The uni is about hour and half away then i have to stay there for 4 hours to cover each course then home again,thats my saturday gone.

How useful are they?,am doing ok with course work and have passed everything so far,

Any advice would be grateful ,thankyou ,Gill

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To go or not to go?? From my own OU experience I think it really is down to personal opinion.

Some (like me) never miss a tutorial if possible. I find them invaluable BUT that is not to say that is the case for everyone. I personally like to meet my tutor face to face and it's great to meet fellow students. Discussions are often very informative and it's so much easier face to face rather than on the OU forums.


For every student that recommends tutorials I am sure someone will jump up and say 'I never attended one and passed the course with no problem' so as I say it's down to personal choice.


As you are questioning whether or not they will help you maybe it would be an idea to try one? Give at go and see how you find it. If it works then maybe you will think about attending future ones and if it isn't what you hoped for then you don't need to go again!!


The added bonus for me is the friendships I have made through actually meeting others at the tutorial. It's nice to meet up before for coffee or go for lunch afterwards. :o

Good luck with the decision making and your study

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