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Hi, I would like to do heuristic play with my two year olds.

Does anyone know what would be good resources for this and how much do I neeed?

I would lreally welcome some experienced advice and ideas


Sunshine :o

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My children have really loved a basket full of indian bangles and a few wooden kitchen roll poles, glass jars with lids and buttons other ideas are cardboard tubes, boxes, large baskets of keys ( i got a huge box full from my local hardware store), wooden curtain rings, lengths of chain etc. I think the more of the same resources you have the better - eg. i've had a collection of a 8 bangles in the treasure basket that have been ignored yet when i offered a basket of about 60 all the children have played with them. I'm not sure what sort of setting your in, I'm a childminder so a bit different for me but if I was in a setting I would remove all the toys and create a sectioned off area and place the materials in accessible baskets and then just observe how the children use them and play alongside them following their lead.

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