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Transition From Reception To Year 1 Research Project.


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I am in my final year of my early childhood studies degree and have to do a dissertation on a topic of my choice. I have chosen the transition from reception to year 1.


I have created a questionnaire for practitioners working in reception or year 1 and would really appreciate it if anyone could complete it and send it back to me via the message system.


Thank you in advance to anyone who participates.




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just thought l'd let you know that Lancs early years team completed a study on transistion and has produced a booklet about it gathering evidence from participating schools. its a complilation of case studies of projects schools did to focus on improving their provision. It is really interesting and you could probably access it if you contact the Early Years team at lancsngfl


cheers sharon good luck with dissertation

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Thanks to everyone who has returned the questionnaire so far and to the well wishers.


I have found your answers most informative :o


Will definetely be using them for my findings


Anymore completed questionnaires are welcome and much appreciated, I need as many as I can get!!!

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