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Hello all, how much do you use pictorial cues in you reception setting. I have a visual tiemtable ine with the basics e.g. assembly, a picture with letters for phonics, numbers for counting, then if we are covering, say weighing, i would put up a picture of weighing scales. Any way i also use picture cues for their 'Jobs' we have a little system where there is free flow play, focused tasks etc but also i have a table for an independent task that i invite children to use. When they have completed they put put their name by their photo (that way if they pick up the wrong name symbol then i can change it forthem, rather than thinking someone has done the 'job' who hasn't) Now outside we have lots of equipment but it is stored and not really accessible to children. So i wondered if it would be a good idea to have pictures of the equipment and let the children choose what they want from the pictures and put it on the door so they know what they can have rather than just pull every last single thing around them out!!!!!

any thoughts on this

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