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Can anyone help?


A job has come up at a local special needs school and I would love it.


But i am a little stuck


I can cover the Early years part no probs, got 2 years experience.


I need to sell myself, i currently work for a supply agency and I need to in essence write about my roles/duties ect but i don't have a jon description iykwim.


I mainly work with autistic children and i love it but how do i begin to explain what i actually do. I'm hopeless at applications and selling myself lol which is probs why i never get interviews


Does anyone have a job description for a teaching assistant? Even better if its for special needs, espicially autisim?


This is all it says in the job advert


Gibside School is a special school providing high quality education for 85 pupils aged 3-11 years with severe learning difficulties and other complex needs including autism and profound and multiple learning difficulties. We wish to appoint a Teaching Assistant who is ready to meet the challenge of working with pupils with Special Educational Needs and reap the many rewards as a valued class team member who makes a difference. Ideally you should have early years experience and a knowledge of those approaches, which are successful when working with children with Special Educational Needs. Other skills required include good communication skills, a flexible approach and the ability to work with multi-disciplinary colleagues, parents and carers


I would appreciat any help but i am currently stuck on the job description of my current job

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Rather than focusing on the job description, you could explain the kind of approaches you have used with the various children you have worked with during your time on supply, focusing on how this work demonstrates that you have the skills mentioned in the advert. If you can show how you have worked and communicated effectively with other professionals, parents/carers etc so that the children and their families have been supported, then you will be able to tie up all the loose ends in a few paragraphs which will make them want to interview you.


Sorry I can't really offer anything else - but good luck with your application and let us know how things go!



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Can you get a job description from them or is that the info they have sent you already regarding the vacancy?


If that has come from the school with the application you need to address all those points within your letter?


Sell yourself, I can, I do, I believe that etc.


Good luck.

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