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Counting In 2s, 5s Or 10s?


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I've been off school since 2 weeks before Christmas - been quite poorly (but nothing like as poorly as poor Peggy) following completely crazy term and Ofsted inspection (which went really well - so relieved!) - now I'm gradually going back for a couple of half days a week but have really got my head out of school mode!

That's the background!! The thing is, I've now completely forgotten the order in which to teach counting patterns - which comes first? My maths planning says the learning objective is 'counting in 1s, 2s, 5s or 10s' - we're there (ish, on the whole :o ) with counting in 1s - which do I teach next?

Absolutely basic question, can't think for the life of me what the answer is!

Could someone just put me straight? Thank you!

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Well Id do bits of it all, count in 1s to 10, in 10s to 10 and then 5s and 2s all using your fingers so that children get visual and kinaesthetic clues. Then extend accordingly.

May not be right but it worked for me!


Hope you feel better soon.

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