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A while ago I downloaded a learning journey power point presentation on a learning journey from Southampton. I really like the way it is set out and want to adapt it for my own setting. Cheekily I thought I may be able to alter the original but it would seem it is protected. Is there another document from 'Southampton that i can adapt? I cant remember who posted it now so this is a long shot.


Over the past few months I have been trying all sorts of different ways to present our learning journey system, but i still really like this one. Any help greatly appreciated. I have attached it to see if this jogs anyones memory.


thanks Lisax



Ps Merry Christmas.......

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The document you posted has a copyright so I have removed it from your post. However, anyone who would like to see it can do so by visiting the Southampton website here. There is also an email address there - why don't you email them directly to find out? :o

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