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Hlta Or Eyp Level 4


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Evening all,would like a bit of advice please.


I am an Early years practioner level 3,and am currently doing level 4 as part of my foundation degree.

I also have the Hlta status.


My head asked me to take on more responsibilities in the nursery part of the foundation unit i work in.I have run the nursery before so am well up for that ,but i dont know whether to do hlta or eyp level 4.


The wages are very similar as teaching assistants dont get paid for holidays .

Does anyone have any details on what is happening to eyp,i have heard rumours that ta's and eyp will become the same thing,not sure which way to go.My heart says stay as eyp but not sure what the future will hold.


Have been hlta and eyp over last few years and its really messed my pension about so whatever i choose i would like to stay on.

Any advice??


Thanks in advance.Gill x

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Not entirely sure what you mean by being HLTA or EYP.....


Early Years Practitioners have all types of qualifications depending on where they work.........


Our school HLTA is level 4,

but if you are doing your degree that will take you to level 5 and if you top up and do the EYPS thats level 6 I think!!!!


Actually now I started answering this I am not really sure what you actually were asking!!!!!


I'm not well........... and obviously in need of a cup of tea.


Sorry. Might have wasted your time here.........

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hi every one

our LA is promoting foundation stage degree as a level 5 qual where as the college says it is a level 4!! and once its topped up its then a level 5 then you can progress to ey professional status


i wanted to do fs degree but due to working 40 hours it meant i would loose 2 half days at work- i was rhen told that nvq ccld 4 would count towards credits for fs degree and i could join at 2nd year

i took this option and hve now been told it dosent!!!

and i can see why- the l4 is dumbed down as other student who have done l3 ccld (i did eyce) say the questions are identical and have submited old work which has been assessed as valid and reliable, infact all 4 others in my setting copyed from one girl-which was copied direct fro nvq handbook!!!! i did own work after researching (swot or wot!!) for ist unit and all was passed

surely at level 4 plagerism is a crime!!? also when observed assesser cross refered lots of knowledge that i am sure doesent prove we know it!!!

i am an assessor and iv and if i were iv ing my work i would question assesser judjment!!! it all seems far to easy!! fine for us but certainly no grounding to go on to second year never mind 1st year!!!! i am mentoring another member of staff who is doing FS and itis very academic based and more interesting!!! if i dont complete L4 i will have more qualified staff than me!!! even though some of them strugglred with L3 but appear to be flying through L4!!!!



there -moan over!!

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just to clarify, EYP stands for Early Years Professional not Early Years Practitioner in the context of qualifications.

We really need to get all these acronyms sorted don't we? :o


I don't feel qualified to answer your original question, Gill - I guess it depends on what your long term career goals are. What do you want to achieve professonally?



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