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Informal Observation Post-its


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Hi there,


I am battling with eprofile for the first time this year - and now seem to eventually be afloat, rather than sinking in confusion! My question is - "the comments" bit. I am typing up my post-its of informal observations/notes etc as I complete profiles, but am putting the comments in the "Internal" section on the right hand side, not the comment box at the end. Is this right? Any point? Wasting my time?


Question 1: Is there any way I can print these comments - as evidence etc, should I need to.

Question 2: Where is the best place to put these comments - so that they may be of some use when I want to personalise each child's end-of-year report?


Hope that makes sense to somebody out there!!!!!!



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I stick my post its in a loose leaf folder in date order (one for each child) and number reference them to each childs profile. I don't complete comments on e profile and don't write out post its again.

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Each child has a folder with A4 pieces of paper labelled with each of the areas of learning. e.g. Social Development, Emotional Development, Creative Development, KUW etc

(Have attached I hope! Never sent attachment before so hope it works!)


We stick the post-its in for each term and then read them completing the e-profile for each term. I don't rewrite any of the post-its, they just stay in the children's folders.


Ofsted was more than happy with this system and works for us.


Hope that helps.


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Every child has their own large book 'Learning Journey'. We use post it notes for informal observations. We stick these into the back of their learning journey and we have chosen three colours one for each term, so that we can see at a quick glance when observations were done. We also use numbers etc for refer to EYFSP. Then within their Learning Journey the children's observations (a longer proforma) are stuck in with next steps for learning and so too are their reviews. These are both colour coded the same way as above. I hope this makes sense!


I have to say it is working well and it is lovely to have all the evidence in one place - parents love it too as they say it is a real personal learning journey for each child.


Hope this helps - and not confused people more.


Nikki :o

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Hi we use post its for short obs all the time. Can I ask Why type them up?????? Why not stick them in with a photo of the event and bingo instant relevant obs with 3rd party evidence relevant to that child. Encompassing foward planning for indiidual/unique child and a lovley momento for your profile.


We use this methord all the time and it builds up for a lovley memory book/profile of each individual child to pass on.

Hope this helps





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