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How do you go about getting parental feedback?


I want to compile some info, for future use as I shall be in a different county when I start working again next year.

Also as a tool for ofsed to see how the parents feel about the care I provide for their children, along with their views on me from a parental perspective?


I have thought about a questionnaire style document but am struggling as to what to put in it?

Also a reference letter that I could file with permissions from the parents as we terminate contracts!


Any ideas would be gratefully received.


Jo :o

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pmsl questionnares never come back and if they do its a yes / no answer


how many parents do you have /?? i would have a list of questions and pull up 2 or so parents at a time and

ask them questions


next day do the same and explain why you need this info

send a letter home saying you will be intervieving parents 2 at a time during xx week.if you dont get enough questionnares back

as the information is important flash EYFS


good luck you will need it hun lol


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I've found a few examples which have previously been made available within the forum, so acknowledgment to other members for these. I have also included a questionairre I used at my preschool when doing a home visit. The second half is about parents expectations which could then be used with a follow-up questionairre say in 6 months time to see if expectations are met.


When doing questionairres it's useful to summarise the main findings, maybe use a graph to 'measure' the information gained, then revisit say on a 6 monthly or annual basis to 'track' continued satisfaction, to show any actions required have been addressed etc. In other words, ensure the information gained is of 'working' benefit and not just a paper excersise. Share the results with parents as a PR tool.


The second attachment is from a childminder.


Hope these help.








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quote "Also a reference letter that I could file with permissions from the parents as we terminate contracts! "


Sorry didn't fully understand this, do you mean a reference from the parent about the quality of the provision, a sort of 'endorsement' letter. Never thought of having one of those, sounds like a good idea, or maybe you could have a comments book available and ask parents to make recommendations in this on their last day.


If wanting something more 'formal' than a comments book then I'd suggest having open questions rather than yes / no 'closed' ones. Something like;

How would you best describe the service offered to you? in terms of;

a) Childs safety and security

b ) Resources / toys provided

c) Childs' Learning and progress

d) Administration and communication with parents


Do you feel you got value for money?


Why did you choose this provision?


Anything you would like changed?


What did your child enjoy most?


What is the provisions strengths?


What did you gain from using our services?


Would you recommend us? explain why.



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Thank you


Peggy those links were particularly useful.

I’m due to go on maternity leave at Xmas and would just like something in place mainly for ofsted but also future parents who may be interested in me when I start up again.


Jo :o

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