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Has anybody partcicipated in the 'circle of friends' training lead by Colin Newton and Derek Wilson?

The session involved discussing how vital a peer group relationships were, both positive and negative (reinforcing the idea of the naughty child). The importance of frindships was paramount, especially if family backgrounds were unstable.

As I understood the session it involves peer group support with the consent of the child displaying challenging behaviours. Without the consent and participation of the child the group cannot exist. The peer group offer support and ideas for supporting the child with the adult acting as a facilatator.

I have just partcipated in a behaviour management conference (I am a NQT) were Colin and Derek were the key speakers and I felt truely inspired by the comments and philosphopies they shared. I was particularly interested in their 'circle of frinds' strategy, as I know this was used at my daughters school (she was really fired up by the idea, at the time in Year 2 to support another child).

I'm really interested in other peoples experiences as I'm keen to introduce elments of this pracitce (if not all of the concept with suport from my school).



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