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Hi i wish to open up an aftter school club and a morning club if required. I am not sure as to what i need to do? I have rang a few schools which have already got afterschool club. I am a manager of a afterschool club and really enjoy it. I want to do it myself now and open up one. I am really struggling to find a school in my area. OFSTED have told me to go ahead aswell as they think i am capable and have got all the qualifications. I hold Diploma in childcare and education aswell as 2.1 in BA in early childhood studies.

If anybody could please advise me on this.



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have you approached your local authority they may know of a school who would like to start one and would need your expertise.

we have a bulletin that goes out to schools each week with jobs and info for schools could you put your offer in there and wait for replys?


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