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ok i'm having a blank, when referencing from a book with more that one author do we need to put the name of the book in the text...sorry this harvard referencing is giving me brain ache!!!!! Thanks

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Book with more than one author:


First time in the text you write all the authors names e.g Scheinhert, Hoffnant and Hoffnant (2006), thereafter you write Scheinhert et al (2006). Reference section will contain all the authors in the order they appear on the book and all the other required information.


I hope this helps, sorry if I have misunderstood your question I read it very quickly



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I'm in my 3rd year of BAhons Early Years and have used the Harvard throughout. Unfortunately on occasions, lecturers seem to use their have own 'harvard referencing' which can be inconsistent with what taught.


Harvard Book refs example for our uni -


In text -

Handy (1999) suggests that there are four types of organisational culture.


In ref list

Handy, C. (1999) Understanding Organizations. London: Penguin Books Ltd.


If more than one author :

In text - Smith, Cowie and Blades (2003) argue that .....................................


In ref

Smith, P., Cowie, H., Blades, M. (2003) Understanding Children’s Development. Oxford: Blackwell


If there are more that 3 authors - use 'et al'


In text

Michaels et al (2002) proposes ...........................


In ref

Michaels, G., Bond, J., Knowles, K., Bluefield, J. Total Fictional Names. London:Tweedledum Ltd.


Hope this helps


net xx

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