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Thank You To My "ladies"


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Tonight I have been out for a meal with some of my "ladies" from the first group of students I have been a lecturer to, on an NVQ level 3 course.


As the evening drew to a close I felt very proud of them all and it has amazing to see the change in them all.

Their confidence has grown and grown since last January.


Just wanted to say thank you to them for completing their course.


For passing!


For being kind to me on my first trip down the lecturing lane!


And to say WELL DONE!

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How lovely. Sounds like a positive experience for all of you and well done to everyone who has just completed! The relief to get it all 'out of the way' before Christmas is one I can empathise with! :o

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That sense of pride in students acheivements is one of the many benefits of tutoring that I miss.

Well done you on your first 'cohort' and well done to all your NVQ candidates.


How nice to complet and celebrate just before the festive season. :o



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