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I dont think there s a set amount /frequency .

I was at NCMA s annual conference and it was suggested it was snap shots of what the children were doing .- significant moments .From what I ve seen on the forum I think maybe minimum once a half term .though I do seem to do more than that if its a AHHH! moment or OOOH! moment I jot it down an date it or take a picture ,

Sometimes if time (and children allow) I ll do a longer more in depth observation.

!its written somewhere \(sorry I cant remember where!!!) that there is no set way to do it its up to each individual setting .


its a bit of a "how longs a piece of string answer " !! sorry I may not have been much help maybe someone will be along soon with a clearer answer .

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Hi all...


Excuse my ignorance :o But what are 'wow' moments?


I currently keep a daily diary for all children in my care along with individual scrapbook/Memory book of activities we do... I also link in my observations through these books?


Not sure if I’m doing enough?



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Hi Jo34

sounds like you re doing lots to me.From recent chats with colleagues and from reading Osted reports online(sad I know)

Ofsted seem to be looking to see evidence of covering all areas eg Knowledge and understanding of the world and that you are planning next steps for each child from what you observe the children doing saying etc


Wow moments to my understanding are simply that wow!!! look what he just did ,Wow thats the first time she s fastened the buttons on her coat ,climbed the slide independantly etc

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Thanks Janice,


That makes sense now, I have just printed the 'sef' form from ofsed to complete and have found it a great help, in that it’s making me think about what I currently do and how I can improve my own skills and knowledge, to assist the care and development of the children in my care.


Jo :o

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