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Hi -

I've just posted a review of Classroom Monitor for the Foundation Stage, by Prime Principle. You can find it here.


Happy to answer any further questions you might have if I can, or if I can't, one of the authors of the software is a member of the FSF - I'm sure he'll be happy to help out! :)

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Thanks Steve that was very informative. I've discussed the idea of using some form of e-profile with the FS co-ordiantor at school and she is coming round to the idea. This one also sounds good for those of us who have e-learning credits still to use up!


I have one question really. If you were to advise on the best (in your opinion) e-profile, which one would it be?


Thanks Steve!


D xxx

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Hi Donna -


To be honest I don't have enough experience to judge. The Skills Factory people resolutely refuse to send us a review copy of their product, and I can't afford to buy every piece of software I review.


Report Assist has a very big and well organised bank of statements to prepare reports with, but I believe that is all their program does - the Classroom Monitor software has the advantage of an end to end offering with the three main components I mention.


I believe you can still download or ask Prime Principle to send you an evaluation copy, so the best thing may well be to try it out for yourself!


If you do this, let us know how you get on! :)

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I got a reply from the skills factory for curriculum complete and it does have all the stepping stones and Early Learning goals attached.... I just couldn't find them at first.

I am going to show this to the rest of the staff and see what they think.... I like it as it can be use across Foundation, KS1 and KS2. You can also combine, planning, assessment and reports easily.


I ordered a demo disc and was sent 4 so Its easy to hand out to staff at school to look at.



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Lorna, we had Curriculum Complete is my last school and I found it very difficult to use, to the point of not doing so. Perhaps I was doing something wrong!

There did not seem to be any resources for FS in the version we had either. :o

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HI Lorna,

I have bought the early years - curriculum complete - the planning one, I have just abandoned it because I could'nt get the planning the way I want to do it - I was printing off each area separately so I had 6 sheets every week it drove me mad, again I might have been doing something wrong. I had been to a meeting where the authors were and they assured me that it was what I wanted. It is true that all the stepping stones and Elgs are on it still it was too much for me. I have found a brill sight for planning - Norfolk CC - someone on the forum suggested it, I have now decided to use that planning and adjust accordingly.

Hope that helps,


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Hi all,


I am one of the founding members of the aforementioned Prime Principle, from where Classroom Monitor hails. My thanks first of all to Steve for his informative review of the system and his patience as we finished off the FSP module over the summer!


The system has been very popular to date with schools and I hope it continues to be so! We are working hard on developing a system which is more suitable directly for lower levels of the Foundation Stage but to date most of our experience has been at primary level so it is, as Steve rightly mentions, very much designed with the needs of reception teachers in mind.


I just wanted to post to say that if anyone would like a free demo (there is a downloadable one on the web but is only suitable for those with broadband connection) or any further information they can PM me or contact me through by phone on 0870 777 379. We are constantly striving to develop Classroom Monitor to be the best it can so if anyone has any feedback, be it one the system or ways of assessing the FSP in general, we would appreciate that as well!


Many thanks,


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