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Inspection Next Week?


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We found out last week that the Primary School who we are next too are being inspected next week, although we are completely seperate from them other than our entrance is through their playing field, we have been warned it is quite likely they will also visit us, although we were only inspected last year.


Has anbody been inspected since September under the new EYFS, I would be interested if there were any key areas they looked at in detail?


Any hints would be welcomed!






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We haven't been inspected and don't expect to for a while as us and school were both done last year (at the same time I might add and we too are seperate).


Have you looked at other inspection reports on the website. This may give you an idea of what is being flagged up, or deemed important??!! :o Although it does depend who you get!! :(


Have you filled in your SEF? Even if you just start it they seem to be pleased enough.


Hope all goes well, let us know how you get on and good luck!!! xD

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Thanks, for the reply, I have just looked at Ofsted's website and I had never noticed before that they listed reports in date order, will have a look through some in the morning as my eyes are now tiring!


We briefly looked at our SEF a couple of weeks ago, to be honest we hadn't realised how detailed it would be compared with the previous format and had booked our early years mentor to come in and give us some pointers, but unfortunately she couldn't fit us in for over a month, by which point it will be a bit late.


Will let you know if they arrive and how we get on!

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I have looked at some of the recent reports and the reocrruing points seems to be policies, recruitment, training and planning.


Were ok with recruitment and training.


Policies is what we are currently having an issue with the committee with, off to work this morning to formulate an action plan, so that we can get them signed off tomorrow with any luck.


Planning, not sure on this one, we are awaiting our Early Years Advisor to come out at the end of the month, to check what we are doing, so we will see.

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We are attached to a Junior School - and had a feeling we would be inspected last week when they were - and the hunch was right ! The Pre-school who are also on our site and rent a separate building from the school were also inspected. The comments above about the SEF are valid - one of the areas she focussed on , also staff development , parental involvement and the planning and paperwork( child related) She didn't look at policies or admin type stuff - onlt interested in welfare/ self evaluation and parent partnership . On the whole a positive and much less stressful event than our last inspection , quite pleasant really . :o

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