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Hi Everyone I'm A Newbie!


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Hi guys


Just joined and looking for inspiration with regards to planning formats, having just chucked out our extensive and robust old planning system to hopefully better meet the FYFS requirements to be child centred.


We're observing daily and planning from obs for following day, is anyone else doing it like that, with out any 'topics' as such, just themes from the children running through activities. Just concerned we're going to have enough evidence for Ofsted when they come in. Any good ideas and suggestions gratefully received!


I keep seeing proformas on net for long, med and short term plans, which I thought (wrongly?) were not used now?


We run learning journeys for assessments which work well, but really not confident with our new planning.





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Your planning sounds good to me. What specifically are you not sure about?


Try a search for reflective planning and these may align your fears.


Also have a look in the articles section for Sue's great article on Motivational Planning. (if you can't find it the shout and I'll put a link in for you)


Also like to offer my warmest welcome to the forum. :o



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