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I wonder if anyone can help me please, I am currently in charge of an Early Years Unit which is part of a school, I am the Reception teacher and the Nursery is run by an HLTA Nursery Manager. We have been told that from Sept 2009 we must have a qualified teacher in the Nursery this will lead to the Nursery Manager being made redundant, despite wanting to obtain her QTS status and obtaining "Good" in the Feb inspection and "Good with outstanding " from LEA there seems to be little hope.

Does anyone know of any authority not abiding by the EYSF or is anyone else in the same situation or can anyone out there help at all with advice.


I would be really grateful


Thanks Loads



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I have always worked in LA's where Nurseries have had a qualified teacher so have not come across this problem before. This was statutory from September 2008 when the EYFS became statutory. What a shame for your HLTA. Is there not a route she could take to train in in post and work on the unqualified scale in the meantime?


I have copied this:


Frequently Asked Questions about the EYFS

Does the EYFS require there to be a teacher present in nursery classes in maintained schools?


Yes. The EYFS requires that, in provision for children aged three and over in maintained schools (except for children in reception classes) there must be at least one member of staff for every 13 children. At least one member of staff must a be a 'school teacher' as defined by Section 122 of the Education Act 2002 and the Education (School Teachers' Prescribed Qualifications, etc) Order 2003. One member of staff must hold a level 3 qualification. The requirement to have a teacher is not new. Since 2003, the School Teacher's Pay and Conditions Document has required headteachers to ensure that, save in exceptional circumstances, a teacher is assigned to each class or group of pupils in the

foundation stage.


Does the EYFS require that there must be a teacher present with the children in a nursery class all of the time?


No. The EYFS requires that the teacher must be present except during non-contact time, breaks and short-term absence. Examples of teachers' non-contact time include planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time or because he or she is a Newly Qualified Teacher on a reduced timetable. For the purposes of the EYFS, examples of short-term absence include times when the teacher must leave the children briefly e.g. to take an urgent telephone call or to speak to a parent, or special occasions such as the children's Christmas party when the teacher's particular skills and expertise are not necessarily required. Headteachers should exercise their professional judgement in determining where cover from another teacher is required.



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