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Guest Greenhouse

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Guest Greenhouse



I hope you lovely people could help me


We have 23 children

10 nursery 3 years and above

13 Reception


we are going on a educational visit to a farm by coach


What is the correct ratio?


have looked all obut still unsure


Thank you

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Pg 24 of EYFS



Children must be kept safe whilst on outings.

For each specific outing, providers must carry out a full risk assessment, which includes an

assessment of required adult:child ratios. This assessment must take account of the nature of the

outing, and consider whether it is appropriate to exceed the normal ratio requirements (as set out

in this document), in accordance with providers’ procedures for supervision of children on outings.


So basically your risk assessment will determine whether ratio's need to exceed the normal ratio requirements you have.

1:8 for preschool 3 yr olds, I'm not sure of Reception ratio's.


Your risk assessment will need to consider ensuring ratio's remain covered say in the event of a child needng to leave the group with 2 adults, say for medical care. ( in a school, 'extra' cover is available).

The individual childrens levels of development (common sense) will determine ratio's, security of the venue, etc


I'm understanding the sentence "in accordance with providers’ procedures for supervision of children on outings" as;

how the children are grouped during the visit, toilet runs, etc etc.

I suggest having at least one staff non ratio (ie: not responsible for any particluar children).


Once this is done, enjoy and have fun. :o



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If you are a maintained setting class ratios are 1:13 for nursery and 1:30 for reception. obviously this would be too high for a trip so you have to go with your agreed school policy. It might be different for local walks vs a coach trip to the seaside!


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