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Ideas For New Topic Please!


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Good evening


Our topic next term is Magic, looking at fireworks, magical objects, places leading on to the magic of christmas.

I'm really struggling to think of things to do for Knowledge and Understanding of the World,

any ideas welcome?


Thanks all


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I find this quite a difficult question. Perhaps you mean 'wonder' rather than Magic? The wonder of fireworks shooting into the sky, the wonder of the Christmas story and birth of a tiny child. I can't think of any magical objects other than wands and crystal balls, or perhaps pumpkins and coaches.

The definition of Magic is:

The art that purports to control or forecast natural events, effects, or forces by invoking the supernatural.

The practice of using charms, spells, or rituals to attempt to produce supernatural effects or control events in nature.

The charms, spells, and rituals so used.

I think you need to clarify this so that we can think of ideas to support your theme.

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I think it is a bit of both really, the children suggested magic but we have tried to incorporate it into real life events with the fireworks and christmas.


We have a potions lab as our role play, we have a magic carpet, magic lamp, magicians set, cards etc.

I feel an experimental term coming on!

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Then for K & U fireworks are not ' magic' but are the result of a chemical reactions. Their effects do amaze, but there is nothing supernatural about them. Magical' numbers to mathematicians are not the result of supernatural properties but just mathematical computations. I think suggesting that the Christmas story is magic would be offensive to many Christians. I just think that you need to be very clear what you mean by the word Magic, as young children may still confuse fact and fantasy.

Perhaps go along the lines of magical stories like many of the traditional tales such as Sleeping Beauty and Jack and the Beanstalk. For K & U you could develop the children's ability to distinguish fact and fantasy, perhaps using those tales.

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I agree with Jacquie, Rachel and perhaps the fact that you are struggling emphasises this.

I think this is where following the children's interests falls down, dont be too logical and unless you are skilled enough to take it one step further. What did you observe that led you to think a topic of magic would be appropriate, perhaps that would give you some clues.


Your role play area sounds good and perhaps you could watch the Disney Fantasia to support your magic theme and then think about things that are real and things that are not. You could do lots of experiments to observe changes and talks about things work and why etc for your K&U, including ICT skills perhaps drawing fireworks etc. You could also do lots of cooking, looking at changes and perhaps some work with colour and light, to create magical effects?

Some stories about witches or fairies might also fit and perhaps the children could write their own?


Hope that helps.

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children love changes

solids to liquids cooking activities

mixing of colours and changes from primary to secondary making colour wands and changing what they see

they love anything that sparkles, collections the mystery of night changing into day


go from the children and ask them what they find spell binding, wonderous awesome magical


for some children it may be exploring where water goes once it goes down the plughole


good luck

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