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I am currently doing an assignment that goes like this:


Describe in detail two social and/or cultural factors that could impact upon the lives of young children and their families.



I have chosen poverty as one, but i am really not sure about the other factor. I have to relate the effect these factors could have on families in my nursery setting. Then go on to describe one strategy in detail to help families effected by one of my chosen factors. I am feeling a bit bogged down. I would be really grateful if anyone has got any pointers that could help me out?

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Just off the top of my head, options might be:-


family breakdown

adult literacy problems

disability/long term health problems (children or adults)

post natal depression


I'm sure there will be lots of other ideas on offer!



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Thank you for your suggestions. I liked the idea of Adult literacy but decided to go with Ethnicity. I am currently having a break from researching.

My nursery is set in rather an affluent area, hence one of the reason i am finding this assignment so difficult. We do not really have any social or cultural issues. We mainly have working families, we have no children who just attend for 2.5 sessions they stay all morning or for the day. We have one divorced family who have joint custody that works well.

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