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I have changed the words of ten fat sausages song to ten little fireworks sitting on the stand, one went whoosh and the other went bang. Have done this after the children made their own fireworks ith tubes and tissue paper, ribbon. They loved it and used it in child intitated play for weeks after.


Hope this helps.



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Hi Does anyone have any ideas for songs relating to bonfirenight and fireworks.





Hiya do you remember the song ;build a bonfire build a bonfire.......... you could sing this whilst using a variety of media to build one outside or inside, change words to meet yr needs


10 little fireworks standing in a line 1 zoomed off and then there were ?

9 little fireworks standing in a line 1 whizzed of and then there were?

choose whatever words you want to describe how the fireworks shoot off or get children to choose, I would also give children the opportunity to find the number to show how many are left, use children as the fireworks. If you dont have 1-10 firewords laminated then you can download from www.sparklebox.co.uk

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fireworks song.pptxThis is a Steve Groscott song - also my first attempt at animating a powerpoint. You do have to click through the slides as I wanted to go at children's pace (variable!!)

I hope he's not offended and it'll be of use to someone.


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