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:o Iam a nursery nurse studying for a degree in Early Childhood Studies. I am about to begin my research year and am going to do an investigation into the foundation stage and how the children use the book areas. Has anyone done anything similar as I don't know where to start. Help!!!!!!!!

The questions I am thinking of asking are


Is your book area comfortable and used appropriately by the children?


Do you have topics in the book area or are all the books just left out all the time?


Is the book area carried on throughout the school or mainly based in the foundation stage?


I would be grateful for any information at all.

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Hi, Brenda!


You could also ask about Story Sacks, whether children are allowed to borrow books, if settings use local libraries.. May not be oviously linked, but all have an effect on literacy.

Will think further on this one.


Sue :D

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