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Hi Everyone,


Wonder if you can help or if anyone has any advice having been through this experience themselves. I have a friend who is applying to do the GTP and she has an interview soon. She been asked to prepare a 10 min presentation on a curriculum area of her choice.

She has been given no other infomation and is worried that she is will not show them what they want to see. She is planning to focus on CLL. She is going to give an overview of what this is and how it is spilt in the foundation stage, then she is going to talk about activities and how to support each area within the foundation stage. Is this ok?? Has anyone got any advice? I don't feel I can help her having not been ther myself!! Any suggestions greatly appriciated!


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Hi Jo jo


A friend of mine got through and started recently.


She said there was a lot of competition (270 applicants for 50 interviews and being whittled to 25 places)


I am hoping to do the same thing next year and the advice she gave me was...


Choose something you feel passionate about as although they were looking for knowledge, they wanted to see real enthusiasm and energy for teaching the youngest children.


I think the CLL choice is a really good one as it's very topical.


My friend did comment that applicants were grouped and within these groups, they watched the others' presentations. She felt that after seeing a few, they did seem to get a bit monotonous.


She said she wanted hers to be quite pacey and interactive and feedback was that hers was different which made it more appealing!


Hope this helps.

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Hi jojo, I would agree with pickle, that what they are looking for isnt just about your knowledge, but also your confidence, presentation and speaking style; your ability to respond to questions about the presentation (this is really important).

Keep it brief, what your firiend is suggesting is probabaly too much for 10 minutes, but get some notes down, and rehears it, you will be surprised how quickly 10 minutes goes when you consider nerves, pauses, errrs and umms etc. You may find you can't cover all aspects of CLL, but could perhpas focus on one or two.


Good luck for your friend.

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