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Eyfs Policies - Please Help!


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Hi all,


I am opening a new full day care nursery in November and would be grateful for some help with a few policies. I have written alot, but time is running out and all advice would be gratefully received!

Has anyone got an example of the following that I can adapt;


Health & Safety policy

Medicines policy

Illnesses and injuries policy


Thank you in advance



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if you go to the pre-school learning alliance site, they have all the policies to link in with the EYFS, you have to pay but i think it's about £11.00. They e-mail you a link and you can access them on the PC which makes them very easy to adapt for your setting.

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Hi there,


welcome to the forum. We have been re-writing ours, but i have to say some of the easiest medical forms are to be found on the EYFS CD Rom. As for medical policies and any others such as child protection please do talk to your Early Years Advisory Teacher (EYAT) or PLA advisor (if you don't have an EYAT) as they have a resource mountain for free - also make sure you use their services well as they too will be able to advise you about all sorts of little queries you may have.


Best of luck, cirhossa1 :-)

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