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We have done our own for the last few years and the children seem to really enjoy it.


We have fancy dress - anything they like (we have a large selection ourselves so they can borrow if they like). Us adults also dress up, but we have a theme!


We have a fancy dress parade, pass the parcel, singing games (hokey kokey etc), DVD, other stuff then party food and then santa arrives. We only have it for 1.5 hours and manage to fit a lot in.


It's so much cheaper as well :o


The parents always want to contribute to the food, so we produce a list of items that can be purchased, and they put their name next to it and bring it in on the day or a few days before depending on what it is. We ask for packet biscuits, crisps, fruit, squash, plates, napkins, balloons. We always have healthy eating during the session, but this one we let our hair down and let them have party food! xD


In the past we have found an entertainer so expensive and the younger children really can't sit for that length of time. However they love the party we do.


We are a pre-school and we invite all of the children (40 in this case). All of the staff attend (7) so we are able to maintain our ratios.

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We used to have a list of food for parents to contribute, but due to a high level of allergies/intolerences(sp)/religions our children now bring a lunch box and we have a christmas lunch together on festive tables. Saves all the worry of who could have what. :(


We also do our own party. The entertainers usuall get booked up very quickly and one year we had an entertainer who frightened some of the children by being a bit 'in your face'. :o


This year we also have a balloon phobic too!! At least I won't have to blow 50+ balloons up this year. xD

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This year we also have a balloon phobic too!!



Globophobia so your child is a globophobic or if they just don't like the noise not the actually balloon its ligyrophobia

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