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Model Pre-school Constitution 2008

At the recent Pre-school Learning Alliance 2008 AGM the membership voted in favour of updating the Model Pre-school Constitution 2005.


This was done in response to the Charities Act 2006 introducing new provisions into the Charities Act 2003 which means that charity trustees are now able to be remunerated for providing goods and services to a charity of which they are a trustee without obtaining special permission from the Charity Commission each time. Before a member of staff can sit on a pre-school committee certain requirements have to be met. The Charities Act 2006 has also altered the law relating to the ability of charities to purchase Trustee Indemnity Insurance. Previously charities that did not have an express provision in their constitution allowing them to purchase this type of insurance had to convince the Charity Commission that it was in the interest of the charity to be allowed to take out such cover.


For full details on the changes and to receive a copy of the new constitution, look out for the article in November/December Under 5. You can also download the new constitution by visiting



If you have any questions about changing your constitution to take advantage of the new rules please contact the Information Service Team on 020 7697 2595 or email info@pre-school.org.uk.



Pre-school Learning Alliance publications can be ordered from the Alliance shop:


T: 0870 603 0062

W: www.pre-school.org.uk/shop

E: pre-school.mh@plas-tek.co.uk


or though the 2008 Publications and Resources catalogue which is available by contacting info@pre-school.org.uk.

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Do you know that's just what I thought!! We dont have a PSLA constitution (we're a RC group) but much of ours is based on theirs and we have never had any mention in ours of insurance or asked CC for permission to have it. I'm assumming we had better change our constitutions PDQ to cover the officers & trustees. Bit confused by this though as we have our insurances through psla.

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