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my daughter has just started uni (teacher training specialising in CLL) and is talking about making a couple of story sacks at half term when she comes home....this got me to thinking about making a couple myself and revisiting a couple of books we no longer have in nursery

one of my favourites from a few years ago was Little Lumpty..... i just tried to find it on a well known book site (not sure about advertising so not mentioning names) and they wanted between £43 and £142 for second hand paperback copies (i am not that desperate to introduce the book to my new children!!!)


now the other one i am in a pickle with because i am a wee bit older i can't remember the name although for some reason i thought it was 'along came a spider' unfortunately James Patterson wrote a book which was made into a film and google just throws them back at me


the book starts with little miss muffet eating her curds and whey and ends up with her scaring the spider away i am sure it was set on a stage with the characters in a play



i loved this book and i am sure i can't be the only one...can anyone put me out of my misery i'll be up all night trying to think of the name

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