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Planning Help Needed Please!


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Hello all.


I am after picking your brains please! :o


On Monday evenings I lecture an NVQ level 3 group doing child care learning and development. They are a bunch of very lovely ladies!


(They will be reading this so I have to say that!!!!! Just kidding)


They are nearing the end of their course and we are now going to revisit any areas where they still have worries/ problems!


Planning is one of those areas!


As there is not one "proper" way to plan I have tried to show them a variety of types of planning and may have actually added to their confusion rather than widening their horizons!!

There is much confusion over long, medium and short term plans!


My idea is to bring them onto this lovely forum next Monday, get them signed up and I am hoping you lot will leave your thoughts.......... and maybe (please) some planning examples.


I am going to place a thread in several places.... hope that is OK, as I have a group who come from various backgrounds.... child minders, after schoolers, nursery, special school, creche, groups who have to pack away at the end of every day.


I will also prompt them into the resource area and to basically read whatever threads they feel will help them!!


So please be kind......


Help me to help my ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanking you in anticipation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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