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Interesting Book On Progressive Education


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I'm in the middle of a BA in Early Childhood Education and am reading a really interesting book at the moment.


Thought I would share this!


It's Summerhill by A.S. Neill and is described as a 'radical approach to child rearing'


It's fascinating reading, around a school set up in the 20's - a school without rules and regime. Neill believes children face unnecessary pressure from adults who want to control them!


It's really easy to read (which is pretty unusual considering some of the stuff I've come across) but I have to say I am only half the way through at the moment.


Well worth a look I think, especially if you are studying the effects of very structured provision versus a more relaxed approach!

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Summerhill is still there and AS Neil's daughter is now the HT. It is interesting to note how many past pupils have gone into the Creative Arts. When OFSTED began Summerhill had an awful inspection report and there was a huge outcry against closing it down. Thankfully it survives and has recently had another OFSTED:


The inspectors were equally impressed. "The democratic process used to manage the running of the school provides pupils with outstanding opportunities for personal development," they conclude.


"My father would be delighted," says Readhead. "There is a growing movement towards child-participatory types of education. Their words pave the way for others to copy our model. It's a recognition that it works. On the other hand, just as you think education is getting more humanised, a government minister will say it's all about 'performance, performance, performance'. I'll always view them with deep suspicion."


Interesting isn't it?



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