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Help ! what goes into a learning journey ? Do you need as much evidence for each area of development ie; photo , certificates , observations like previous . does anyone hav examples of good practice ?

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There have been loads of threads on here re the pesky learning journeys!!!!!!!!!


I don't beleive theres a right and wrong way to do them, it will be something that is manageable for you and your setting.

Some are using scrapbooks, we are using the folders with plastic wallets inside them (40 page / 80 sides for us)


I have been collecting all sorts of bits and pieces to put in, inluding photographs, work from the computer, little (positive) observations.


Now our mentor says its too much!!!!!!!!


She says maybe we should only put in what the child thinks is special!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now that way our files could be WAY full or maybe even empty for some.


I don't know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As I say I don't beleive theres a right or wrong way...............


Maybe someone will be along soon to point you exactly to where previous threads about this are!

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Hi Claret,

It's a bit like "how long is a piece of string?" isn't it? :o

I think of the learning journeys as having two parts really; the first bit is where we stick in all the photos, pictures, observations etc. as and when they appear. The second part, and this is where we have never really come up with a perfect solution, is how to track the children, ensuring that they are making progress through the EYFS. Some advisors and Ofsted inspectors are particularly keen on tracking, and others are not.


For the last couple of years, I've used the forms which I've placed in the resource library (under observation, and they're called EYFS records). When we completed the "Special Books" (ie learning journeys), we dated the appropriate development matters statements, so it was easily cross-referenced to the child's special book. It gave us an idea of coverage of the EYFS and also drew attention to any "gaps", either in provision, or in the lack of observations of the child in a particular area of learning.


How often do you and your colleagues get to complete your learning journeys?

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Hi, we have started out learning journeys and i must say they are lovely as a keepsake for parents. They can and we can see how their child has matured and made progress. The questions about how long do we get to complete them well we dont get any allocated time this is the problem we do ten fifteen mins if we can before the chldren start otherwise we end up taking them home. What about everyone else have you been given a specific time when not working to do them? x0258 :o

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As said.. all individual to the setting , staff and children as we all works so differently and find our way with trail and error,

we have the development books for the pictures and observation achievements and children have a scrap book in which they can stick in any thing they have done and want to put in it..

often find that once one child accesses this then several join in, some have lots others little but we try to encourage something .. sometimes we use a photo of a child doing something in here and they put it in, or a photo of some marvellous model they have done.. children are beginning to ask for photos of them selves with these.. or we have the children take them (lots of heads, missing and very blurred pictures) but these go in the book and if we can we have one of ours alongside... or a description of what should be seen!


we have 1 hour per week to do the books, and have to do them in the setting.. no taking them home...some leave them for 2 or 3 weeks and do a session extra to do them, others do an hour once a week.. it is up to the person how they do them, so long as they are up to date.



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