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Healthy Eatin Song


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Does anyone sing a song about healthy eating?


In my school we all sit down together in a circle to eat our fruit and have milk and I thought a song would be good to sing as the fruit is being given out.


Any ideas please??



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Raspberry red, blueberry blue

Yellow lemons, bananas too

Tangerines, cantaloupes with orangey hue

Green grapes, kiwis and honey dew


Purple plums, brown figs and dates

Blackberries spilling all over the plates

Fabulous fresh fruit from far-off lands

My fruit bowl's a rainbow

Right here in my hands


Fabulous fresh fruit from far-off lands

My fruit bowl's a rainbow

Right here in my hands



Come on. Do the Vega Boogie

Come on. Do the Vega Boogie


My name is Dan and they call me the bass man

When I do my thing

I like to play a funky kind of music

Cause it makes you dance and sing


But when I'm home at the end of the day

And I'm feelin' kind of tired and beat

I fix up some tasty vegetables cause

That's what I like to eat


We like our vegetables yes we do

We like our vegetables they're good for you

We like our vegetables they make you strong

We like our vegetables come on and sing along


My name is Dennis and I like my beans

Black, white, red, yellow, brown and green

My kidneys and my pintos, soy and my strings

They make me feel strong enough for anything


Well Angie is my name, singin', dancin', and drummin's my game

To keep me high energy, I like to eat my broccoli

So dance, shout, jump about

Get down on those brussels sprouts


My name is Lorraine I like my lettuce romaine

I like mustard greens and my fresh green beans

My zucchini and my cauliflower

So I can write these songs that you can sing for hours











I hope these help that I found when doing doing a goggle search for helthy eatting songs

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