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Hi everyone, I am having a nightmare. I am an NQT and trying to sort out LT, MT and ST planning. I have looked at loads of examples and am now confused. Do most people do a seperate weekly lit and numeracy plan to the other areas of learning, or do you do it all together. I have planning I did last year, but am now trying to come up with a format to use, espcially the weekly plan. Do you list all the SS and ELG and just identify the ones you are covering and how. I would love it if someone could send me their LT, MT for this half term and their weekly plan for this week, so that I can see if I am on the right track.

The school don't really have a format as their very recent OFSTED critisised it, and I need to sort my own out.

Thanks, I wait in anticipation!!


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Personally I dont like separate literacy and numeracy planners, especially at this end of the school year. Your school may require you to have these though.

Planning is rather a personal issus and especially the short term planner must work for you. What have you tried so far? Remember you and the children are very new in the school year and your planning is probably better than you think!

Good luck.

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Guest Sycamore


I had to do it from scratch last year and know just how you must be feeling!

I do a LT, MT and ST plan and a weekly timetable with all the staff members on so they know what they are doing.

I don't like seperate Literacy and Numeracy plans as we don't do Num or Lit in the formal manner but include it as part of our foundation stage day. However I no that alot of schools insist this is done the same as the rest of the school. I use and adapted some of the planning ideas from the site.

One thing I will say is that over the year I changed my planning methods and templates several times until I found one that really worked for me.

I am very lucky to have a superb head who sees my changes as positive and that I am adapting them for the benefit of the children.

I haven't worked out how to share my ideas by setting up a link or I would!!


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Planning is rather a personal issue and especially ther short term planner must work for you.


Hear, hear! Have posted this week's ST plans in the planning thread of the forum tonight, if that's any good for you. In addition I use daily planner to keep track of all areas of the classroom (indoor and out), incl sand, water, dough, construction etc. I also have learning intentions for the 6 areas of learning displayed in my role play areas to guide willing helpers (when we get them) and I keep a "day book" where I note down reminders for myself, including focus groups/child etc. Planning has to be manageable and producable if required by OFSTED etc, but there is no single right way of doing it. We are very fortunate in our school to have a fabulous head who believes staff should teach, not plan for the sake of planning!! (Just because yuo have fab plans, it doesn't make you a good teacher - especially if you're dog tired!)

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