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Clearly i should have put my wedding on hold so i could get into all this!!??

Yep, definitely falling down there by not putting your whole life on hold awaiting the EYFS :o


Welcome to the Forum, lawchaz - hope you have a lovely honeymoon.


What does your present planning look like? If it was working well before the EYFS you probably won't have to change very much at all. If you do a forum search you'll find lots of information about planning: but I'd be cautious of using someone else's templates because they won't really suit your own setting. Far better to adapt yours if possible.


Have you an idea of what you need to add into your existing planning - that might be a good place to start.




PS If you really don't have time to do this, why not look on the CD-ROM that came with the EYFS pack - it has lots of templates and examples of planning on it!

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