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Hi all,

Haven't posted in a while but have been reading posts and sitting in the side lines!

I just wondered if anyone knew if reception children are entitled to milk?? Our nursery children have milk and reception children have always had squash but I have a feeling children up to 5yrs old are entitled to milk, what do other schools do and does anyone know how I can find out for definite??


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Oh good I was trying to do that Peggy. When I do post links I put in the post number but the wrong posts come up. What am I doing wrong? (sorry to hijack this thread)



Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by post number. :o I find the post, copy the address (very top blue bar of screen), then I add the link using the icon to the right of the smileys just above the text box. (I don't use the quick access insert:post link, which is to the left of the text box) I Paste the link address then give the link a title ie: 'HERE'.


Does that make sense?



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