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Hi all, my first post here although I have read some fantastic things since being a member.

I have a one hour lesson observation coming up in reception shortly. We can make the lesson anything we like, but they would like us to show them and 'outstanding lesson', so no pressure :o Anyways, I was just wondering if you guys had any ideas, I was maybe thinking along the lines of a number focus and pirates... but my mind could be changed. I just want it to be exciting, I am prepared to dress up,and go all out, but just feel a bit lost as where to start.

Thanks for reading


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Hi ,


Last term I had a lesson observation in reception and used a problem solving focus. I took a small group on a treasure hunt. We all dressed up to go to the beach. In the outside area I had created a beach area. In the sand I hidden loads of animals (that was my topic) and encouraged the children to go on the treasure hunt. When they had found the objects I has buckets and spades for the children to sort the animals anyway they wanted. I was able to observe what the children were doing and ask why they had sorted the animals the way they had. My head thought it was an outstanding activity - and the children had fun playing at the 'beach'.


Hope this helps to give you some ideas xD:o

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