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could anyone give me some some advice on cultural practices and religious belie

fs as i know very little about these and would love to know more as i am doing my nvq 3 in childcare unit c2,provide for children's physical needs .E.g Indian,


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Are you working on a particular unit Annegil? Try searching on google as there are loads of sites worth taking a look at but if it's something specific you need help with let me know. There are others on here happy to help with your NVQ too. :)


And welcome to the site too! :D

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Welcome Annegil.

I'm sure this would be easier to understand if you actually had a culture in mind. So many things are quite personal to individual families too. A simple book on faiths would probably be a good start-Ive a childrens book which is excellent as a starter and I'll try and remember to post the title for you.

Good luck.

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Annegil, Hi!! Welcome aboard! :D

Multicultural things are a bit of a speciality of mine ( modesty, too! :( ) so am very willing to help, but as has been said before, you really need to address one at a time. A book I have found very useful is "Dates and Meanings of Religious and Multi-Ethnic Festivals" by Warrier and Walshe. It's published evry four years and carries dates for the whole period as well as some useful basic information about many different faiths and the more prominent festivals. The current edition covers 2002-2005. I always have it by me when planning!

Steve also puts forthcoming festivals etc at the bottom of the FS Index as well, so you could try those as a starting point for research. If there's anything specific I can help you with, just shout!!


Rea - never mind, don't let Beau bully you! :oxD I don't mind you keep trying, people might not notice my faux pas, then!!! :(:(


Sue :D

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Hi Annegil,


Wow it's nice to see that multicultural issues are part of the course as they are so important! I work in a school where the majority of children are from ethnic minorities (mainly Bengali, Urdu and Punjabi mother tongue). I too would suggest that you look at some 'children's books' of other religions and cultures but beware that they often stereotype what happens within homes and communities. When working with children from ethnic minorities I believe that it is important to consider the following (these are just a few to get you started!) :


1) Cultural and Religious beliefs: dress (e.g. headscalf, necklaces, covering legs), diet (kosher, halal, vegetarian), religious practices (going to mosque after school, celebrations such as Eid / Divali / Ramadan / Passover / Christmas)


2) Children learning English in Addition to their first language/s - opportunities to speak in both their mother tongue and listen to adults talking in their mother tongue as in English.


3) Whole school ethos (having alternative fundraisers as apposed 'gambling' type fundraising such as a Raffle)


Hope these help for now! :D


Ladybug x

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