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Hi everyone,


Well today we had our first OFSTED inspection as a new provision. Although we didn't get what we were hoping for, it wasn't as painful as we thought it would be. The OFSTED inspector was lovely and gave us some good ideas. We were praised as a team and she was impressed with our understanding and deliverance of the new EYFS, so that was really pleasing. Thankfully there were no actions just a few recommendations. So we'll keep up the good work and keep on improving.


Just thought I'd share the news!


I'm going to treat the staff for all their hard work. They deserve it. :o

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Well done go and have a night out to celebrate. I bet you have all had sleepless nights worrying over it. We are due ours soon but not got date yet. Its so hard no to worry. Did they ask you how you were implementing the new eyfs and about the childrens journals at all? Well done to all of you 0258 :oxD:(

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On our last inspection we had one recommendation which was to plan for childrens next steps. the inspector was looking for this. He did touch on EYFS but not as much as i thought he would. The Learning Journels were successful and he liked the format and vision on how they will go. EAL was a big part of the inspection.

This inspection was very different to the last one (6 months ago) and seemed more professional and organised. He made proper times to speak to parents and staff. He was very thorough and having worked in schools and now on a school site seemed very educational and school based.

Let hope the report looks as good


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On a course I attended yesterday it was mentioned that inspections will now take a maximum of 2 hours!


Can this be really true????





Our OFSTED inspection lasted from 9.30 to 2.00pm when we were given feedback. The inspector didn't talk to the parents and didn't look at that much paperwork. Was really interested in the way we safeguard children and how we use the EYFS.

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