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Hi I'm looking to put together some training to support staff using the themes and principles card. Though we could look at each card/section over time and see what we do to support this area ways we could improve etc. Just wondered if anyone had done this before and what you did?

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Hi Skippy


I have done some training on the themes and principles which was very sucessful and really got everyone thinking.


For each small group to work together I made up packs of cards consisting of:

each theme

each principle

the statements


I cut all the statements into strips and laminated everything. It certainly produced plenty of discusiion between groups and when everyone had finished I handed out the correct answers.


I've attached the resources I produced if you want to print off and laminate






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Hi Cathy thats a really good idea thank you. I could use this initially but what I would also like to do is to almost make a development plan that shows what we do now to support children and what we could do to enhance. Any ideas gratefully received

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