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Hello, we are starting to use letters and sounds this year and we are struggling to see how to plan our literacy sessions to include this. Does anyone have any tips or planning formats, i.e. medium term plans and weekly plans that would help us get on idea of how we can do this?

Thanks you

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thanks so much for this help its great to see how other people plan and organise this. If other people do have any other ideas and suggestions or a timetable for thier day in reception class i would gratefully appreciate them.


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Hi there,

Would just like to add a comment about planning phonics etc. into a Reception Timetable.

I also teach Reception and struggle constantly to fit everything in to each day and week. xD

The list is endless - phonics, literacy, mathematics, Assemblies, playtimes (with rest of Infant children), outdoor provision, child initiated, physical, creative, etc. etc.

I have 30 children in my class with a part-time TA and they have just had their first full day in school today - and from my point of view I feel it has been a nightmare!! Rushing from this to that and back to something else. Surely this can't be right for such young children? This happens every year, when my heart is telling me to do one thing but yet pressure makes me feel I should do it another way.

Sorry for the rant, but I just get so frustrated, bewildered and confused.

I am attending a Letters and Sounds training on Wednesday morning, so no doubt I will be even more frustrated, bewildered and confused!!!! :o

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