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I know someone out there will know the answer to this one!


We have a child on the Autistic Spectrum who is 3 1/2 who has just had his formal assessment and is waiting a place at our local sen maintained nursery & school. Mum has back problems and doesn't drive. The child struggles to do a whole morning with us and invariably falls asleep at 11 ish, when we have to put him in his push chair ready for his mum to walk him home. He is very tall for his age and his current pushchair is too small. Mum really needs a mobility pushchair in the next size up. She has been told by the powers that be she isn't eligible for a chair as the child can walk. I feel this is over-simplifying the case and would wholeheartedly support her request for a buggy.

What can we try next?

The child can/does get very frustrated and sometimes the best way to calm him is to put him in his buggy so could we try that as a tack? I am also trying to get some music therapy for him and was told he would need to be in a buggy for the 10 minute session.....


Over to you! All comments gratefully received.

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There are charity organisations out there that help people like your parent. I am so sorry I do not know any names. Can you get in touch with your area senco team because they have keyworkers and teachers that will know where she will be able to go for help.


Sorry I couldn't be any more help.

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The Family Fund ( I think its used to be the Joseph Rowntree Foundation ) will give one off grants to people in need with disabled children. Tescos have something called Whizz Kids which helps with mobility grants for equipment, or used to. I would know which charity to approach if you lived near Wigan, so you may have a charity local to you that could be asked for help. Social Services might be able to suggest something.

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What area are you in?


Contact your local special school and ask them for support. My local Special needs school takes children from 2, and they also have to provide an outreach service- which does include the loaning of equipment and the fitting and even some times dare I say it- purchasing of equipment for children in mainstream!


The outreach team at our special school actually come out and observe the child- talk to practitioners and then provide recommendations, which does always include the loaning of equipment.


Your area senco should be able to support you with this- and should have names!!!!


the likes of charities, as good as they are you would wait a while to get anything. Whizz Kids have a waiting list- about a year and family fund, which is fab! is an applications form, an assessment visit and then a decision letter- this takes time.


Does the child have a paedtrician- this always carries lots of weight!!! and they can usually put you in touch with OT, Physios and SALT who will support you.


This may depend on areas- but i know at least two authorities which work like this.


Good Luck


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