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Hi all

We have recieved a letter from OFSTED that says that the conditions in our current certificate will continue to apply, to the extent that,


"you will only be permitted to provide care for children from birth until they attain the age of three"


We are a sessional pre-school for ages 2 to 4+. We have run like this for more than 30 years. We haven't changed anything, so what has happened ?

Can anyone help me before i ring OFSTED tomorrow and have any other pre-schools received a smiilar letter or can tell me what should be on their registration?

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Everyone has a similar letter.. about updating their register of providers.. but not all have been correct.... would suggest you call just to confirm they have the correct details .. and keep note of who you talk to and time etc..


we recently changed our registration and they sent us the wrong registration certificate.. and the letter refers to our old registration not current one... think they will be getting yet another call to check the details..


Really am getting fed up with the constant having to call because they yet again get it wrong....


what I really cannot understand if only a couple of months ago they sent us a new registration certificate.. and then sent us the wrong one.. and now yet again another one!



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