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I am an NQT starting in reception in sept. I am a bit unsure on how mu :o ch info to put on long term and medium term plans. Can anyone help??

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Sorry Chris,


I can't help with this one but wanted to slip in a quick hi and welcome before I go to bed. :) I assume you've read all the stuff on planning that has been posted recently and downloaded some of the plans? There seems to be quite difference to styles and content. Maybe a case of how much time and effort you're prepared to put into it?? xD Anyway, I'll bow aside now for someone who actually knows what they're talking about.......... :o

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Ah, my cue, I think. xD:o:(


Not that i know it all, but here's how we do it.

We tend to just indicate themes and general learning outcomes on LT plans, with MT fleshing out with ideas to develop the themes and outcomes. The real clear stuff comes in short term, but even that is subject to change - responding to the children etc.


Any help? Clear as mud ? :(


Oh - and Hi!! You'll love it here!


Sue :D

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Hi & welcome Chris, its good to see to so many NQTs on board, although I am sorry to read of yet another planning problem!!


I approach my LT planning much as Sue has described, although somehow it always seem to be a bit mad to have more details in your medium term plans. If you look at the planning guidance supplement for FS they even say work directly from long term!

My longterm plan fitted onto 1 side of A4 and really only indicated the topic titles and the constants of the curriculum, whwereas the medium term plans were several pages, detailing ELGs and how these were going to be met through the topic and in spontaneous and continuous provision. I always supported these tabulated plans with a topic web, which was usually my starting point and the brainstorming of the team.

Short term planning is what you will cover during a week and may be amended daily. Certainly it does not need to be set in stone and should reflect the childrens responses and interests.


I am a bit concerned though that you as NQT should be writing your own LT plans, even if you are in a single form entry school, I am surprised that the school does not have its own long term plan that you are expected to work with. Indeed it could be that you would only need to have direct regard to the short term planning. Certainly that was how I worked with my team in FS and even the short term planning to a certain extent was planned together to ensure continuity of provision and experience.


My advice at the moment would be to hold back and get into school and find out what exactly is required of you. Then come back and ask questions. Above all dont panic. Planning evolves.

Good luck.

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