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ok so im a childminder and i take the children out every day BUT!!!!!





I take the children to lots of different venues,


drop ins


indoor ball parks (3 different places)


park ( about 5 different ones)

shops hundreds!

other childminders settings and friends

children's parties


omg the list goes on how am i do do risk ass, on every place i go?

and can i not go if i dont have a risk ass in place?

another thing what format should i use to record my risk ass. on outings?


oh dear any help very welcome thanks andrea xD

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Hello again my friend .!!!

dont panic you dont have to do a risk ass every time you go out.Just one for each type of outing.

I ll explain fully later as I m just on my way to care for 2 beautiful twin boys - it doesnt even feel like work out but saw you d been on and i ve just been sorting this myself

speak later

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Hi I m back !

Risk assessment !!!!!!!

The the requirements for the childcare register-childminders and home childcarers that I received from ofsted on Friday state that

"childminders must undertake a risk assessment of the premises and equipment

at least once a year and

immediatley,where ther the need for an assessment arises.


We also have to keep a record of when these risk assements were done


The eyfs risk assessment for outings has changed the wording and we now need to do a risk assessment for each type of outing ,not every individual one.

Its on page 24 of the updated Statuatory framework book.


the q and a below is from teacher.net.



Why have you changed the wording of the legal requirement about carrying out risk assessments for outings?


The original wording of this requirement required providers to carry out a risk assessment for each specific outing. We have amended this to require them carry out a risk assessment for each type of outing. The risk assessment should be reviewed before each outing. This change has been made in response to concerns that it would be disproportionate to carry out a risk assessment for each outing.



Hope this helps


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Sorry I ve just noticed thelast part of your question

I personally have a list with ticky boxes and I adjust the list for each type of outing-though I have to say theyre mostly very similar

I m going to record the risk assements I do either in the setting diary or on a separate sheet with dates etc for the premises one -kept in yet another file!!!!!!

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Janice your fab,

many thanks for that, was getting quite worried that id have to stay with in 4 walls for weeks

untill all my risk assessments were done,

so one for each TYPE of outing eg, one for parks,

one for ball parks, one for shops, car, public transport etc etc etc


well thats a lot better coz the ones i have are going to be fine i'll just add notes in the OTHER section to reflect some differences.


thanks m8 chat soon

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