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Planning In Reception...please Help!


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I would like some advice about planning and would really appreciate it if you could share with me how you do your planning. Next year I'll be teaching Reception in a one form entry school and so it can be hard not having someone else to work with!


I would just like to ask HOW people lay out their planning (if there's any way you could somehow let me see a copy of your format and even an example of what you include, this would be sooooo helpful.)


Also, do you do medium plans at the beg of the term (or year?!?)

Weekly plans (and in how much detail, including what detail, using what format??!?)

~ Do you say just what needs to be covered or exactly when you are going to do it?

~ Do you put what you want them to acheive or the ref from the FSP (is this what it's called now?!?) or details of the activity?

Do you do daily plans?


Also, WHERE do you get your ideas from? Do you use the FSP? Do you use schemes? (if so, what?!?!?)

How do you know WHEN to teach what in Litercay, Numeracy...and everything else?!?!?


I'm sorry for sounding sooo pathetic and stupid!! I'm just kinda lost and confused...and if I'm honest, a little scared that I'm not going to be doing things properly. Although I qualified a few years ago, I've been teaching Year One and it's so much more straight forward with regards to planning!!! My uni didn't really cover FS : (


Please help!!! I'm beginning to get a little stressed before we even start!!!



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first off don't panic - take some time at the beginning of the term to get to know the children. Use the Renewed Frameworks for Lit and Num, as well as looking at the EYFS. I know the renewed Frameworks aren't as prescriptive as they were for Y1, but they do have ideas.

Check out the resources section here - there are some great ideas, and don't forget places like Hamilton Trust for weekly plans for Num and Lit. Also the cumbria website has all the Num blocks for reception. Also remember you will still have the letters and sounds document for your phonics sessions

Personally - I have chose 6 topics over the year as my long term plan (as a previous y3/4 teacher its hard to free up) But the topics are there for me, and if the children take them off on different tangants, I will happily go with them.

I have a very messy mtp - bascically the topic heading, and then about 6 or 7 activities I have already thought of - nothing more than that. However I have also made a grid up which I am going to highlight when the children cover an objective (if I can work out how I will upload it)

For weekly plans, so far I have a sheet highlighted the enhanced/continuous provision in each area, and also the different activities I am planning on covering. (At the moment this is written day by day - but its because my class are coming in in two halfs, and I need to remember who has done what!) I don't put the objecive down yet - but might do more formalised planning once they are all in full time. Again I will try to upload my weekly planning. If any of my plans help, feel free to use them.


Anyway, that's my plans and ideas - mostly gathered by reading posts people have done here. I too am new to R - did a mixed class of r/1 last year, but it was very geared to y1. Am sure more people will add their ideas and suggestions as well, keep reading, people here are very supportive and knowledgeable (sp?)





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Hi Em

Just like to say thanks for your long term planner, I usually use one from Kent Ed very similar lay out, but you have updated it all with all right headings etc saved me a lot of typing :o


Good luck with your new class


Ruth x

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Help! Help! Help!

I'm really stressing about my planning formats and am just going round in circles and getting nowhere. I'm sure that there must be an easier way to plan. Can anybody help me please especially with a timetable/ weekly plan? My school is in a category and we are due are Ofsted health check soon. :o

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Welcome to the Forum, SarahM!


You've come to the right place - we have very knowledgeable and helpful teachers on here who I'm sure will be able to help. Sadly all I can do is offer you a warm welcome and tell you not to panic!



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