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i have to do a display for parents on the value of why we do what we do - we are trying to teach parents. we trying to provide parents with information about their children's learning and development.


my question:

im looking for definitions on different areas:

eg: home corner

outside play

dressing up/home corner

creative/messy play


book corner


i am provide lots of photo's of their children doing these activities to support the definitions so parents can and hopefully have an understanding of the benefits. trying to work with parents.


i have done creative/messy play and outside play - (hopefully i attached mine correctly :-) just wondering if anyone else has done this and is willing to share their definitions!


thank you



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found this definition-outdoor play


I put into google search "definition-outdoor play"


Your sheets are similar to the continuous provision ones (but more basic to just the definition and not as comprehensive with learning outcomes etc). Good user friendly introduction for parents. :o



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found this about the book area but then lost the page to do a link


The Book Corner


If we provide the opportunity for children to enjoy books from an early age they will be encouraged to become motivated readers and will:

find enjoyment and excitement in books

develop their imagination

retell familiar stories

develop and extend their language skills

use the pictures to help tell a story

increase and improve their listening abilities

hold the book the correct way

become confident in talking to a small group about a book

turn the pages one at a time and from right to left

know which words go from left to right and from top to bottom

begin to recognise some words and letters

care for and handle books properly

The book corner is a place where children can be quiet and comfortable, relax and feel secure.




p.s. hope these all help, I enjoyed looking them up :o

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Guest Wolfie

Marion, I really think that you should be given some sort of honorary title on this forum, in recognition of your ability to find a website (or at LEAST one) for every occasion - how DO you do it? Your memory must be amazing! :o

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TASMANIA :o , you do go far afield in your research Marion.

Great posters, and having had a quick scan read of the site, quite interesting to see how other countries early years care/education is provided. They only have 56 'markers' for their kindergarten development check, compared to our EYFS.


Interesting reading. xD



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