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Guest jane707

I know with eyfs childminders have to plan to children's interests - which is what we have always done...


And we also need to plan for multicultural festivals / celebrations / special days etc which is our long term planning - which again we have always done...


But... does anyone have a simple way of getting all this down on paper?


I'm needing something that is workable to use every day and not overwhelming.


I seem to have a rainforest growing in my house :o

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Hi Jane 707,

I'm using a simple monthly calendar to long term plan and my A4 diary to note what the children chose to play with (or not!) what they asked to leave out for next time and what ideas they've had to extend their play and taking it from there. I can then transfer it to their individual books when I have a few minutes ( xD ) Pretty much as I did before EYFS in fact!

I, too, seem to have harvested a rainforest in the last few weeks but have settled on my format for individual books for each child, updated policies for each parent, reviewed contracts and produced a new scrapbook to record things we all do together so I hope the paper chase will ease off now!

On a positive note, I sent my first "My Book" home to a family last week for feedback and reduced one dad to tears when he saw his 8mth old sons record of what he does and learns when he's with me! They're thrilled with what a fantastic record of his life it is and will be in years to come. Aah! It's made all those hours of burning the midnight oil worth it :o


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I had inspection just over 2 weeks ago, I use ncma childminding journal (Child's diary) the inspector was impressed she said that from September that would be all I would need. There are sections in it for forward planning she said it was not necessary to forward plan to far as circumstances change and this was all that was needed not loads of paper work that has to be stored as the journals go home with the child. I showed her some plans i had come up with for september but she said with this journal in her view there was no need for any thing else. If she thinks this is all that is needed then hopefully it would make life a lot easier for us. If any one else uses these journals and agrees or have had an inspector praise them could you let me know, or do you think the inspector is wrong?.

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Hopefully the inspector was right!!

I use daily diaries similar to NCMA s childminding journal to send home with the parents,record information etc .I also have a file that i m going to use to record memorable moments milestones etc as a setting ,as and when the occur,next steps ,future plans etc

I dont have written long term plans Etc ---Im glad i m not the only one

I ve read in several places teacher.net for one and in several articles that we should nt need to have mountains of extra paperwork ,files for each child etc so hopefully your inspector is right or I ll have to have a rethink !!!!!!!!!!

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hi every one yes i'm new and a little lost but i hope you are right

as i too have so much paper work going on.

and i'm up all night trying to get ready for the dreaded date 1st sept,


my early years team was developing a child's learning journey but i dont think its

ready yet or how much it will cost me for each child? also training was going to be

available but again thats not quite ready yet so what should i do until i have something to record on?


sometimes i wonder if all this is just a little too much for me as i did have a life before EYFS


oh sorry quickly ask you all is it the childminders responsibility to have all this in place or the 2nd setting ie a

school nursery? or will nurserys share the childs portfolio with us little people?


oh my name is Andrea xxx

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Hi andrea and welcome,

Each childminder is responsible for having their own way of recording(for want of a better word) EYFS within their setting -to help us to plan for each child s development within our setting and prove to Ofsted we know what we re doing!!

There is an emphasise in the EYFS about exchange of information between various settings ,though I m not sure how this is going to work,I would imagine if you have records observations etc and school/nursery needed information that you could draw on those.


I did ask on the forum a while ago about exchange of information between settings and several of our members in nurseries said they were using small notebooks that went home with the child,for parents to write in and that they d be very happy if childminders and other settings added notes to them too.


I m trying to keep up with EYFS ,but like you fee lI m getting swamped a bit,though I m sure we ll get there eventually.

Every thing seems a bit last minute ,we ve been promised more training ----In sept!

I asked Ofsted about their complaints form ( as the old one currently goes under national standards )again .They re updating it sept!!!


Though I ve just looked at calendar and realised MONDAY IS SEPTEMBER THE 1ST !!!!!

Oh heck!!! our schools /nurseries are still off on holiday !

Does it still count?!!!!!!!!!

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:o thank you janice,

dont you think the holidays have gone fast this year, prob like you said we are all

getting ready for MONDAY!!!


your right i do have a "File" for each chiild with photographs and my observation notes and how i will

provide equipment to support interests and learning but its loads of paper and pictures it would be nice to have a formal

way of recording (like Nurserys)to show Ofsted and to show Parents we are not just "Baby Sitters"


Also as we are not stuck to the house we often just GO OUT say to our library etc, we dont always stick to our plans.

So i have my continious provisions as my Long Term Plans,

Monthly sheet to show Birthdays and other special events

and the childs development "Next Steps" as short term planning


i just hope this is right as i was told its the individual child we plan for and not just thems?


i hope to find out lots of helpful info and poss make good friends on the way to understanding EYFS (it only took me a year to get B23 under my belt lol!!) x

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Yes i think the holidays have gone fast.I planned to have everything sorted over the hols ready for eyfs ,but every time I think i ve got it sussed i think of something else


In some ways it would be good if there was a set format for recording eyfs ,but dont you think doing it differently's helps us show we are individuals.I ve read lots of posts in the nursery section and lots of the members have the same worries as us and they re all trying to work out the best way.

I think you ve just got to do what works for you

I think there ll be lots of tweaking going on in the weeks to come!!!!!as we all get to grips with this.


I found this question/answer on teacher.net (i hope I ve got it to "quote" right apologies if not) .

I think it makes some important points




Will the EYFS require childminders to complete lots of extra paperwork?


No. The EYFS does not require childminders to keep written copies of their policies and procedures providing they are able to clearly explain them to parents and others when required. The EYFS expects practitioners to observe children's progress and respond appropriately to help them to take the next steps in their development and make progress towards the early-learning goals. This is something a good practitioner will already be doing as part of their everyday practice. For example, a practitioner may notice that a child currently has a particular interest in water — repeatedly pouring water from one container to another and back again. As a result, the practitioner may provide lots of opportunities for the child to continue exploring this area. Although it may sometimes be helpful to note down observations, it is not a requirement to do so. A certain amount of planning is required to ensure that children are provided with a varied range of activities which will engage their interest and foster their developing skills and abilities, but the EYFS does not prescribe what form that planning should take or how it should be recorded.


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thank you janice may i add you in "Friends" it would be nice to be able to find you on ere!!

i have read lots of posts and from what i have seen most people sound very helpful

i was surprised how quick i got replies.

good luck for EYFS but it sounds like your more than ready for it.

have a goot term andrea x

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thanks Andrea ,

Yes you can add me in "Friends"

this is a fantastic website ,every ones really friendly and helpful - warning though this site is totally addictive !!!

I ve only been using the site for a few months and dont know what I did without it!!

Our local authority s paid for membership but no one else seems to use it -if only they knew what they were missing !!!!

I dont know about being ready,I think I ll just have to take it a day at a time and see what happens.Fortunatley I only had my inspection a few months ago so hopefully by the time Mrs ofsted comes to visit I ll have it sussed!!

good luck to you too I m sure we ll all be fine as long as we continue do the best for the children in our care xD:o

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sorry question on its way....


just been asked if i will continue minding a chid who has started reception,

ok gr8 the child will be in my ova 5yr olds so still can fill a place cool


WHAT plans can i have for the child that is with me for such a short time

eats tea and wants to chill out and rest b4 going home? ill always supply equipment/toys etc that they enjoy but realy....

after all its reception teachers that do the end of EYFS assessments?


Poor kids just wants to chill out not more learning through play etc etc they would chill out if at home wid parents!!1


thanks Andrea x

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Hi Andrea ,

You need to meet the childs needs at the time so if they want to have tea and chill out thats fine .You ve planned tea and given them time to relax and chill !


On the home page of this forum -you need to scroll down a bit is an article called "eyfs is like an onion"-it backs this up


Also This is taken from teacher .net


Will before and after school clubs, holiday play schemes and childminders who provide wraparound care have to implement the EYFS?

Yes, if they are registered on the Early Years Register, but it will not require effective practitioners to make significant changes to their practice. The EYFS places strong emphasis on meeting children's individual needs. A child's needs will be very different after a busy day at school, for example, than they will be during the school day. There is no expectation that out of school provision should seek to replicate the type of experience a child will receive in school.

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i also use the journal from the ncma and i also use trackers from qed publications . i also have a weekly sheet that i fill in about the child and i keep the sheet for about 6 months then i pass it onto parents and they can feedback if they wish




Have you noticed that OFSTED have not updated the setting complaints log for the eyfs it still mentions the standards

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hi deb,


how much is the ncma journal please?


is there lots of space for photoes and obs etc i was reminded not to give my only copy of obs to parents as often parents 4get to send the diary bk to me!!

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